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Career Planning and Services



Disc and / or Myers Briggs Psychometric Assessments   R350

  • Aptitude / skills

  • Personality assessment

  • Career Development

Employers and job seekers can avail themselves of this service to ascertain aptitude and personality traits.  An in depth interview will be held with the testee and the results discussed to enable focussed job seeking. Job seekers will be taught how to successfully search for a position. 


Business Planning and Organisation  R320 per hour

  • Admin

  • Budgets

  • Clutter clearance, paper and electronic

Total business solution from the registration of your business, all statutory registrations, setting up a suitable accounting system, payroll if required, and an introduction to an affordable auditor.  In addition you will be introduced to professionals in their field to assist you with setting up your website, Facebook page as well as assistance with advertising using social media.


General Services

  • Office organisation - piles of stuff everywhere, paying an accountant a fortune to sort through your shoe box of receipts?  Let me organise your office in a practical and day to day running order

  • Career organisation - sugar you will need to be very sure  you want this help because I will turn your life upside down and back again and at the end you will know exactly where you are going to

  • Recruitment - please see General Services Tab

  • Recruitment 101 - training to the recruitment industry - the hows and whys and a fool proof paper trail